New this fall - Tour through the interiors of Summit Avenues most intriguing  houses

Great Houses of Summit Avenue wins 11 national publishing awards and 2 preservation awards in 2014!  This is your personal invitation to enter the amazing interiors of the Great Houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District.  Summit Avenue, grande dame of Victorian boulevards, is lined with magnificent turn-of- the-century mansions built by railroad magnates, lumber barons and captains of industry. 

Photographer Karen Melvin takes us along for a tour through stately mansions to view these remarkable architectural gems.   Featuring the work of notable architects including Clarence Johnston, Cass Gilbert, Emanuel Masqueray and Alan Stem readers experience the interiors first hand, including the home of F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Richly illustrated with hundreds of colorful photos, a foreword by Garrison Keillor and fascinating stories penned by four award winning writers including Paul Clifford Larson, Bette Hammel, Melinda Nelson and Dave Kenney, the book opens the door to more than two dozen legendary homes situated on Americas best preserved avenue from the era.   This book offers an irresistible invitation to step through the doors of these showcase homes to explain what we are all curious to know.

Discover how the homeowners have restored the original grandeur and rich heritage of their homes while infusing them with new life and energy.